Engineering A Driverless Future & The Autonomous Flight of Drones - online!

Flight Control

Our series of workshops on “Engineering a Driverless Future” and “The Autonomous Flight of Drones” are a response to the need to address the global shortage of Engineers familiar with computer vision and deep learning - at a time when the autonomous car industry is growing rapidly. 

The workshops offer students an excellent introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Theory, Advanced Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.  

As well as being hands-on they also offer great preparation for admissions interviews and tests via our introductory brainteasers opening every workshop. Our primary aim is to help students see the practical application of curriculum content. 

During these unprecedented times and at the request of parents, we have decided to offer our series of workshops on “The Autonomous Flight of Drones” entirely online. Maintaining the practical element, students will receive a package with all the kit required for course participation. The cost of the kit (£200) will be refunded once returned to us after the course in good order. 


Apart from the satisfaction of building their own drone and understanding each element of what makes a drone fly, students will have the opportunity to learn how to pilot the drone manually and then have the drone complete the same tasks autonomously by coding.

We are pleased to confirm a very successful first online run over May half term! The feedback below from one student reflects the feedback received from many parents -

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for the amazing course. I really enjoyed it, as it combined all my passions: coding, electronics and physics. I found it such a brilliant half-term activity, as otherwise I would have spent much of my day being inefficient and not-working. I loved doing the coding, as I have found little to do with my limited python skills and it was great to try them out on such an awesome device. I never anticipated the complexity of drone physics and it really furthered my interest in aerodynamics and systems and control. I would love to participate in another course like it, as I enjoyed every minute of it. It is a shame that I cannot attend the normal lessons since I am in boarding school, but I would love to be included in other courses and helping assist with simple things that may be tedious for you.  

I will send some videos later!

Thank you very much and I wish you well in this abnormal time!

Best Wishes,


Our May half term run confirmed that the content must be split into two parts. It is in Part 2 that students will be introduced to Computer Vision.

We look forward to meeting you soon!



£400*/SR 1100**
Limited places are available. Don’t leave it too late!


*An additional £200 will be required on booking your place to take out a drone on loan for the duration of the course. To build, manually fly and code. This will be refunded provided the drone is returned to us in good order on completion of the course.

​​** KSA Student Course: This course has been amended due to a newly imposed restriction on the import of the Minidrone in the last week. No known reason. Please see the relevant tab above to see how you can still join in the fun! **

By clicking on “Book Now” you will be taken to a page where you can select the relevant registration form. 

Got a question? - then contact us here:

Note to parents coming through from supporting schools: you have the option to purchase materials directly from amazon (stock is limited) or to have us deliver the materials to you. An additional £200 will be required on payment if you’d like the latter option. We refund this provided drones are returned to us in good working order. You are advised to contact us before completing the form and payment. 

There may be slight changes to the times proposed here but in such cases you will be given good notice.

Term time: 

Students may opt to attend the course weekly on Saturdays or Sundays during term time. Each session with last 3 hours over 5 weekends from June 6th - July 5th.


Daily. Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm or 1pm-4pm UK time.  5 x 3 hrs online via Zoom. 

Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis. We have a limited number of drones and although we are happy to order more from our suppliers, we need to allow for longer delivery times. We advise that you book your places ASAP and that payments be made at least 4 weeks in advance of your chosen course dates.

There are No Prerequisites. Students will automatically be enrolled on Part 1 when signing up for the first time and Part 2 when they return. On completion of both parts, students will be referred to the course on Flight Control System Design

We will configure student laptops for coding their drones in Python remotely ahead of the start date. 

Term Time (June 6th - July 5th): 

Course begins on June 6th and runs each weekend in 3 hour sessions until July 5th. Students may attend on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Holiday Sessions:

July 6 - 10

July 13 - 17

July  20 - 24 

July 27 - 31 

*August 4 - 8

*August 10 - 14

*August 17 - 21

*August 24 - 28

*September 1- 5


*We will endeavour to deliver these courses in person at our regular venue hire subject to the U.K. government’s handling of the reopening of society. You are however signing up to an ONLINE course in selecting these dates. The health of our students and teachers will be our main consideration in deciding whether to run courses in person. We reserve the right to run all these courses in an ONLINE format and the final decision rests with us. 

Part 1:

Why do Drones look the way they do? - drone build and physics of flight 

Pilot your drone - obstacle course/race/package delivery 

Python: A Quick Start Guide 

Practical Python: Making it fly autonomously!

Main Competition 


Part 2*:


An Overview of Flight Controller Design

Computer Vision and Vision Based Control (with Python)

Advanced Drone Competition with computer vision algorithms


*These topics will be covered when students sign up for a second week. They can’t be covered in a first course due to limited time. Students must first complete Part 1. Students attending the second week code more intelligent autonomous drones capable of using visual input to make navigational decisions. 

***Regrettably, it has come to our attention that Amazon is no longer delivering the recommended minidrone to Saudi Arabia. It was previously available and has been purchased by some parents. Now that has changed and we can’t say why. Due to these new restrictions on the import of the DJI Tell Drone into KSA we have amended the course for KSA students***



While students cannot construct their own drone for coding, they will cover all maths and science of drone design and will code their drones to run in a competition here. They will remotely code drones here from their homes, to undertake a Drone Racing Competition and Payload Delivery challenge. Primarily the course is one on coding, but we like students to be able to put it into practice. Nothing beats a fast paced drone challenge! 



We set up various race courses and obstacle courses here for students to compete with each other coding their drones remotely from home. The academic content is the same as the standard course for those outside KSA with the exception that they will not physically build or have a drone in their hands. They will instead code their drones to complete the same tasks autonomously remotely from home and have a First Person View as their drone navigates the course. We can accept bookings in groups of up to 16 in any one session. 


Please contact us before booking.


Got a question? - then contact us here: