Practical Circuits


Circuits may be found all around us and are fundamental to the devices we use every day. In this course, students are introduced to the basic physics behind circuits through experimentation. They are introduced to key components of circuits and their application, helping them understand how to design circuits for a specific purpose. MATLAB and Arduino are essential tools for much of the practical work on the course.


Students attending the course will learn how to solder and go on to construct their own Darkness Sensing circuit and IR proximity circuit. They also design and construct Temperature sensitive circuits - thus learning how Thermostats work and about the human body’s ability to regulate temperature. We have adapted this course in order to include more time on soldering. In past courses, it was clear that students really enjoyed learning to solder and create circuits which actually perform a specific function.


In addition, we have included a general experimentation session where students, working in groups, investigate the following: IR remote control; PIR motion sensors; RFID; Microphones; LCD; Smart Phone IMU. Groups share their findings with the rest of the class by delivering a presentation. Students are then given the opportunity to design and build their own prototype circuits - with or without the use of coding. The course ends with students building their own FM radio and their own drone!


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