Robotics & Automatic Control


Intelligent Autonomous Robots are not just the stuff of science fiction movies but are actually hard at work in industry today. It is predicted that by 2025 one third of jobs will be replaced by robots. The landscape of work is undergoing a radical transformation and students need to be fireproofed against the future and the rate of technical change. Coding is an essential skill that they will need and is the main focus of this course.


The concluding activities of Newtonian World all highlight the need for Control Theory. This is the theory behind cruise control, autopilots and driverless cars. The Levitating Ping-Pong Ball project is a great way to introduce students to the theory and consolidate their learning as they construct the system, design and tune a controller for the system, as well as implement their position control system with code. Little wonder, then, that students come away feeling that they can do anything!


Students then learn to see the human body as a functioning, controlled system - similar to a robot. Movement results from decision making and is implemented by relaying decisions to muscles in humans - or motors in robots. Learning to think like a robot will enable students to break down an advanced task into a series of simple steps that can easily be coded.


The advanced challenge involves tasks similar to those of robots found in industry today. Students’ creativity and ingenuity is encouraged to flow freely here as they put into practice what they have learnt. This gives them a first-hand engineering experience - putting the theory and the numbers into practice!


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