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iSTEAM Expo 2020

Artificial Intelligence

The boundaries between Engineers, Physicists, Mathematicians and Computer Scientists are becoming ever more indistinguishable. We are at the brink of the 4th Industrial Revolution and entering an age of intelligent machines. It is predicted that by 2025 one third of jobs will be replaced by robots.  One source claims that 65% of students entering primary education will be working in jobs that don’t yet exist! The landscape of work is undergoing a radical transformation and students need to be fireproofed against the  rate of technical change.  At the same time the U.K.

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taster course

Our Two Day Taster Courses are open to all and offer a great way to get a feel for what it means to be an iSTEAM student. Come and join the fun! If you are unsure which courses are most suitable for you, then, our Taster Courses are just what you need to whet your appetite!

Unlock your full potential. Find your hidden talents. Join an iSTEAM Taster Course today for an unforgettable, fully immersive and hands-on experience.

Enjoy all the benefits available to our iSTEAM students by joining our best value for money option. 


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Discover Engineering


Your powers of creativity and ingenuity will be tested in our hands-on Discover Engineering Taster Course. If you enjoy science and problem-solving, then, Engineering offers a fantastic way to put your scientific knowledge and practical skills into use.

Discover Engineering gives a broad overview of the field of Engineering and brings together some of the most exciting aspects of our iSTEAM Workshops.

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Discover Robotics

Robotic Hand

Intelligent Autonomous Robots are not just the stuff of science fiction movies; they are actually hard at work in industry today. It is predicted that by 2025 one third of today’s jobs will be replaced by robots. The landscape of work is undergoing a radical transformation and students need to fireproof their future employability in a world of incessant and rapid technical change.

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Discover Forensics

Fingerprint analysis

Ever watched an episode of CSI on television and wonder what the actual science is behind a forensics team at a crime scene? Well, now you can find out. Put your Crime Scene Investigation skills to the test in this fantastic and innovative course, introducing you to the latest developments in the world of Forensic Science. Fires, Explosives, Ballistics, Fingerprint evidence, DNA Profiling: Forensic Science has it all, requiring a blend of scientific knowledge and practical problem-solving skills. 

Work a crime scene today and take the first step towards becoming a CSI.

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